Music & Sports

Exercise is a healthy activity, so that many health experts recommended. Even for some people sport is exciting. To further add to the fun atmosphere that many prefer to exercise while listening to music.

Actually this campaign ever undertaken Nike sports equipment company with a combined Appple sport, turning the iPod ria.

It seems that the option exercise while listening to music could be the right choice. Because the study recently released the positive impact of such activity.

Costas Karageorghis, a researcher from Uninersitas Brunel, UK, reveals a number of positive impacts. In his research Karageorghis found the efficiency of oxygen during exercise while listening to music.

The efficiency can reach seven percent of the amount of oxygen required when compared with the oxygen demand during exercise without music. In addition, exercising with music also makes a much longer endurance.

This is because the music to stop the “voice” to the brain that tell your body to stop exercising. As a result, sport is not too soon halted prematurely. For those who are too spoiled during exercise, exercise solutions, listening to music can be tried.


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