MADRID (Reuters) – Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has reiterated his threat to quit cycling if he is punished over a failed doping test. Baca lebih lanjut


Asian Games

Karateka from Indonesia, Umar Syarief, failed to dedicate the gold medal XVI Guangzhou Asian Games in 84 kilogram class on Wednesday (11/24/2010) for Indonesia. Umar Syarief who have fought hard to overcome his opponent failed the Iranian karate athletes, Zabiollah Poorshab. Omar should recognize the benefits of his opponent with different numbers 3-7. Meanwhile, Malaysia added one gold medal from the branch of karate. Their senior athletes, Puvaneswaran Ramasamy, using his experience to overcome the young karateka from Saudi Arabia, Emad Mohammed al Malki, in the 55 kilogram class. Ramasamy its own record for being the first karate athlete who won five medals at Asian Games event. Only five athletes who reach similar achievement in the history of Asian Games. “Incredibly, the battle is very tight,” said Ramasamy who had lost to Al Malki in the Asian championship. “I was able to use the experience to beat him.” Ramasamy said


Last weekend in Valencia, Valentino Rossi end the “romance” her with Yamaha. Despite only finishing in the top three in the final 2010 MotoGP series, but “The Doctor” has good memories for seven with the Japanese manufacturer. Baca lebih lanjut


music can provide motivation for a person, motivation is something that can only be born with a “feeling” certain. If there is motivation, semangatpun will appear and all activities can be done. Try to remember when apple in the morning that are required to sing the national anthem, solely to generate motivation to love the country, recalled the services of heroes and give a new spirit in its participants. This applies also to the rhythm of the march which is a rhythm to sacrifice the spirit of struggle.
music turned out to be very useful for people, a lot of benefit from the music, such as for treatment a person, to motivate someone, make someone happy, to keep it fresh, and much more.

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