Last weekend in Valencia, Valentino Rossi end the “romance” her with Yamaha. Despite only finishing in the top three in the final 2010 MotoGP series, but “The Doctor” has good memories for seven with the Japanese manufacturer.

Yes, throughout his career with Yamaha, Rossi won four MotoGP world championship. In total, the Italian rider was also reaching 46 victories, according to the number of “sacred” in the bike, so he was grateful to Yamaha.

It’s very emotional, but I am very happy, because I had no regrets and no sad moments during the seven years with Yamaha
– Valentino Rossi

Now, Rossi started a new challenge with Ducati. This week, the eyes of all lovers of MotoGP will be drawn to him because he made her debut with “Red”, the third team who defended over to his motor racing world, after a row defend Honda and Yamaha.

In fact, after earning his first title with Yamaha at Welkom, South Africa, Rossi never look back again, until he decided to leave to Ducati in 2010. Rossi just want to remember the days togetherness with Yamaha, since the contracting team in 2003.

“It’s very emotional, but I am very happy, because I had no regrets and no sad moments during the seven years with Yamaha. From the beginning, everything is amazing and we are cooperating very well. As with life, in sport is the result of crucial, but more important is the enjoyment. This is what I can at Yamaha.

“There is a great unity in our team – there are people in Australia, Italy, Japan, UK and many more … everyone really enjoyed it. If in 2004 there were people who told me that I would win four world title with Yamaha , and 46 victories, I’ve memateraikannya!

“I’m happy. First of all, I must thank Masao Furusawa, because we passed some difficult moments but we were able to do repairs on the motor and make the best machine, then I must say a big thanks to all who have helped me for seven seasons , and can only hope everything’s fine. ”

In the last series of the 2010 MotoGP at Valencia, Rossi finished third. He was behind Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner.

Result of the above, Rossi ranked three final standings, was under Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. Thus, he failed to defend the title she won in the last two seasons.


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    • ok, terima kasih ya!

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