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AFF news of Indonesia‘s national team players will get a bonus after a successful bend Thailand 2-1 in the final match of Group A preliminary round AFF Cup 2010, Tuesday (07/12/2010). PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid promised to provide cash bonus of $ 500 million for the victory earlier. “The funds will be disbursed before their sweat dried. The funds are coming from all members of PSSI,” said Nurdin told reporters. Nurdin said the team will again get a bonus if it broke through the AFF Cup semi-finals and finals. “They will get a bonus amounting to Rp 2.5 billion and USD 3 billion if the final,” said Nurdin.


Malaysia managed to assist Indonesia to the AFF Cup final. At the last Group A match at the Stadium Jakabaring, Kilkenny, on Tuesday (07/12/2010), Malaysia beat Laos 5-1.

Malaysia was second by collecting a value of 4. Meanwhile, Indonesia won Group A with a perfect score, 9, after beating Thailand 2-1.

In the semifinals, Malaysia will be against the winner of Group B which will still be fought over Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. Meanwhile, Indonesia will against the runner-up Group B.

Party opponent Laos Malaysia is very much depending on the results of Indonesia versus Thailand. They expect Indonesia to win. If Indonesia is losing, then the opponent Laos Malaysia mindless.

Thus, Malaysia and Laos appear to attack trying to hunt down the victory. However, Malaysia’s strategy is more telling. The game has been running for four minutes, Amri bring Malaysia 1-0 up.

Laos react immediately. Four minutes later, they successfully equalized thanks to a goal Singto in the 8th minute. Thus, the game tight.

However, Malaysia pressure again cause Laos conceded. Amri scored the second goal in the 40th minute. Malaysia leading 2-1 until the first half ended.

In the second half, Malaysia increasingly pressing. They eventually added three goals, while ensuring the victory 5-1. Three additional goals that Malaysia each donated Amirulhadi the 74th minute, Idlan the 77th minute, and Jasuli the 90th minute.


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