FIFA President Sepp Blatter insisted, English as a loser because he can not accept defeat World Cup host bidding. Blatter also denied allegations he received bribes from the countries bidding winner.

As we know, FIFA chose Russia and Qatar to host the 2018 and 2022. This is quite surprising because previously the UK and the United States is the country’s most championed win.

Britain even very confident because they reduce langung Prime Minister, David Cameron, and Prince William to lobby to FIFA. Unfortunately, FIFA is not affected and dropped the option to Russia.

After bidding, both among pebola and British media continued to criticize FIFA. They questioned what the pros Russia than England. Responding to this Blatter did not stay silent. “Honestly, I was surprised by all the protests in England after the defeat. England, as known to many people, is the mother of ideas Fairplay,” said Blatter.

“Now some of them show themselves if they are losers.”

“I feel if the reaction is a form of arrogance that comes from western countries. Some people can not accept that other countries have the opportunity to change. What’s wrong if we start soccer in the area where this exercise indicates the potential for more developed,” added Blatter.

After determination of the host, the media have accused Britain and America bribery of state winners to the Executive Committee of FIFA. Of this, Blatter said, “There is no systematic corruption in FIFA. That’s nonsense. Our Financially it clean and clear,” added the man from Switzerland


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