Indonesia vs Filipina

Indonesian soccer coach Alfred Riedl is preparing and implementing the exercise prescription in the Field PSSI Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/12). He stressed the anticipated backlash from opponents in the AFF Cup semi-final match of 2010. Firman Utina and his colleagues at AFF Cup semi-final will undergo two games with a system of home and away games are against the Philippines which are all held at the Bung Karno, Jakarta, Thursday (16/12) and Sunday (19/12). “We’re practicing concentration face a fast counterattack. We’ve been told the Philippine style of play that relies on counter-attack,” Riedl said after the workout. According to him, the counter-attack that was exhibited by foster children Simon Mc Menemy it has proven dangerous. Vietnam to host AFF Cup preliminary round humiliated in the stable, with a score of 2-0. Seeing these results, he said, the Philippines is currently not a weak team. With the get in the semifinals, then had to have a new power that should not be underestimated by opponents, including the national team. “The semi-final entry is a strong team. With the condition that I emphasize to players to forget the past. They are new and strong team,” he added. He explained that, in addition to emphasizing anticipation behind the attacks, it also focuses on strategies tactics. This was done because the approach of AFF Cup semi-final match of 2010. In practice in the field PSSI, Tuesday, Austrian coach it divide the players into two teams and immediately meragakan anticipated counterattack. In addition, Riedl also focused defense and attack. For the composition of players, to face the Philippines is likely to reduce the duo Bambang Pamungkas The previous dibangkucadangkan. The man who nicknamed it will ditandemkan Bepe with Christian Gonzalez. Positions continue to rely on goalkeeper Mark Haris Maulana, rear position M. Nasuha, Maman Abdurahman, Hamka Hamzah, Zukifly Gratitude and middle position M. Ridwan, Ahmad Bustomi, Firman Utina and Oktovianus Maniani.


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