Arshavin at Arsenal

Andrei Arshavin‘s agent, Dennis Lachter, says his client is impossible to join Juventus in this transfer market. According to Lachter, her clients happy at Arsenal and there was no real offer from Juventus.

This is related to the Italian news media, that Juventus will submit a proposal to buy Arshavin to Arsenal. According to Lachter, the news is just essays.

“It’s hard for me to comment on this, because he is a player who is still in two and a half year contract with Arsenal and also there is no formal offer from Juve. In any case, I think that journalists are just speculation,” said Lachter.

“For Juventus, I can say that they can buy Arshavin’s two and a half years ago, but they do not want to,”

“How Arshavin in London? Say good enough. In general, can he go in January? The possibility exists, but again, we are talking about a player under contract and currently there is no concrete offer,” he concluded.

Arshavin to join the Gunners since 2009. Although the plays as a striker, Arshavin is often played as a left-wing “The Gunners”. Until now, the Russian international has played in 60 games the Premier League with 20 goals scored.


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