Inter Milan Vs Napoli

Midfielder Thiago Motta, who scored two goals led Inter Milan 3-1 win over Napoli, in the continuation of Serie A, at the San Siro on Thursday (6 / 1 /). This match is also the first game with Inter coach Leonardo.

Playing as the host, Inter superior first through Thiago Motta in the third minute. Gol started from bait Goran Pandev who successfully mastered Motta. After working together with one or two Dejan Stankovic, Motta fired the ball into the bottom left corner of goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis.

Napoli reacted quickly to the goal. They reduce the intensity of the attack and fix the back line with a ball control game.

Change of tactics Napoli Inter difficult to penetrate and finish the attack with the execution.

In some occasions, they try to release the long-range shot to break the deadlock, which unfortunately missed.

Inter have not found the key to open the latch of Naples, when Napoli equalized through Michele Pazienza at minute 25. utilizing cross Ezequiel Lavezzi, he gore ball into the middle of the goal Luca Castelazzi.

After that goal, Naples did not change their game and Inter were still difficulties penetrating the enemy fortress.

Even so, the Inter capable menjag focus. Their persistence eventually led to the second goal from Esteban Cambiasso, who break Napoli’s goal with a cross gore Maicon, in the 37th minute.

Again, the change in position does not necessarily follow changes in the game. Different from the previous, tough game this time did not produce a goal until the halftime whistle sounded.

Entering the second half, Inter took the initiative to attack. In addition to successfully suppress Napoli, Inter will also improve the quality of their attack. However, the goal never created, until Motta Goran Pandev grabbed the bait with his head, which makes the ball lodged in the goal of Naples.

Inter then reduce the tempo and improve control of the ball. Although the more rarely create opportunities, they were able to prevent the Naples develop the game.

Napoli have not created the reply, when in the 68th minute, Inter hardly increase the advantage by Diego Milito. From the middle of the penalty box, he fired accurately bait Cristian Chivu, who unfortunately could be blocked by Morgan De Sanctis.

When things do not turn into the last 15 minutes, Napoli add to the strength of attack and managed to push Inter. Also had created a number of opportunities, from Juan Camilo and Cristian Maggio. Unfortunately, they missed shots.

Inter had trouble facing a wave of attacks. However, they were able to maintain focus and not lose control of the game so although not easy, can last 3-1 advantage until the long whistle sounded.

During the game, Inter had the ball as much as 50 percent and created four golden opportunities from 15 businesses. Meanwhile, Napoli releasing four accurate shots from eleven experiments.

Thanks to that result, Inter collected 26 points and moved up one notch to seventh. Meanwhile, Napoli stuck in third place with 33 points


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