Play MU Owen

In the event the “second class” such as the Carling Cup or League Cup, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will reduce the composition of the team which consists mainly of young players who have been less had the opportunity perform with the core team. The exception, Ferguson will ensure senior striker Michael Owen.

Two young players who will certainly have a place in the starting line-ups when Manchester United visit to Glanford Park, Scunthorpe United‘s home base in the third round of the Carling Cup on Wednesday (22 / 9) evening or Thursday (23 / 9) pm dawn, is a winger and Bebe Federico Macheda bomber.

Bebe, 20, is a surprise that conducted recruitment Ferguson in the transfer market last summer. Bebe is the first player Ferguson purchased without first considering his appearance, either directly or via video. Ferguson dare to buy Bebe following a full guarantee from the former assistant Carlos Queiroz.

“Last season we often lose our young players. They are able to pay off these beliefs. This time we will re-do it at Scunthorpe. The team will be core of young players. Bebe and Federico Macheda certain to be performed since the beginning of the game, “said Ferguson.

In addition to these two young players, Ferguson guaranteed if the match tonight Chelsea will play his senior striker Michael Owen. So far Owen believed to be frustrated along with the increasingly shiny appearance bomber Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov.

However, for this time Ferguson will give confidence to the former England bomber was 30-year-old who contributes one of two goals in Manchester United victory over Aston Villa in the Carling Cup final, 28 February.

“I understand their frustration Michael (Owen). But it is hard to compete with Berbatov who appear very bright. But, in the Carling Cup party he will get a chance to be the starter. I am sure, this season it will be enough (given the opportunity) to play, “said Ferguson.

Under the contract ditekennya on July 3, 2009, this season is the last season for Owen to wear costumes MU.


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