Fabrizio Miccoli Palermo Skip Take Chievo

Palermo appeared less satisfactory as host Chievo Verona at the Stadio Renzo Barbera in the last 16 of the Coppa Italia on Wednesday or Thursday (13 / 1) early morning hrs. Even so, Palermo managed to win 1-0 through penalty Fabrizio Miccoli scored at minute 79. This is the second meeting within one week after the Serie A Palermo at the weekend managed to hold a 0-0 draw at the Stadio Marc Antonio Bentegodi. The game itself runs a bit boring. Although both teams created several chances, not a single goal in the first half. The second looks brilliant goalkeeper, Salvatore Sirigu (Palermo) and Lorenzo Squizzi (Chievo), making the chances that each team got a raw. Both teams were trying to change the strategy in order to get results in the second round. Delio Rossi and Matteo Migliaccio enter Giuglio Darmian to replace Jasmin Kurtic and Santiago Garcia in the middle of the second half. While Stefano Paoli enter replaces Bojan Jokic Rincon in the 77th minute. Just two minutes to set foot on the pitch, Carlos Rincon even create Chievo losers. Violations that he did to Miccoli in the penalty box to make the referee give a gift kick fitting 12 to the host. Miccoli who took this task can not waste an opportunity to change the position to be 1-0. This position did not change until the referee blew the long whistle. These results led Palermo to the quarter-finals and will face Fiorentina Parma who got rid of


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